Sales Management


In addition to identifying the type of person you want to employ, and providing exceptional value to your business – Optimum Performance will also get involved and help you to successfully onboard and manage your team. As outsourced Sales Management – we can support your Sales Achievement, and employee development, and be on-hand to make the tweeks necessary to make a huge impact when hiring new people.

  • CRM Management
  • Target Market Identification
  • Elevator pitches
  • Go for No!
  • Objection Handling
  • Sales Cushion
  • Bridging the GAP
  • Personality Testing / Skills Analysis

We help to:

  • Adopt tested strategies and create enhanced support for enabling more effective Sales.
  • Identify and develop crystal clear target market for each individual within the business.
  • Continually maintain the focus required to create the desired results. 
  • Continue to develop a networking strategy to help open doors, in developing markets
  • Establish trusted referral partners who will continually introduce us to our target market.


See what our clients say:

"After just a few minutes with Simon, I had a totally different understanding of how to achieve what I want out of my business, and the steps I need to take to get there."
Jamie Harper, Harper Audio Visual Media

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