Recruitment is a Very Personal Thing

Finding the right fit for your business is vital, but so is ensuring that you receive excellent value for money, and return on your investment....

 Recruit, Train, Motivate, Retain

We have a few ways we can work together:

1: In-House:

£1500 per month - Based on 12 Months (ongoing)

We become part of your team working within your business one day per week - essentially managing your ongoing recruitment and training requirements. Ongoing advertising and support for the business in terms of on-boarding and Sales Management Reporting. We estimate that over half of the people who are currently “looking” for a new job are “visible” so it’s important that we advertise that you as a company are expanding, and your customers and competitors know it… You get to know about more people, and we interview more people on your behalf to make sure you get the best fit for your team. We also help to onboard, and enable new starters to succeed - by mentoring them over their first 90 days and helping them to integrate into the team. We help them to understand their role, and start to bring their network to the table. The only thing stopping a business from growing and growing - is their ability to source and onboard quality and effective Sales Teams.


We work together with your Team to ensure that new starters make a greater impact within your business, and we identify how best to "enable" them to succeed faster. This really does involve 1:1 mentoring, and is an extension of the recruitment process. We facilitate the new employee in settling in, and working towards their goals - both personally and professionally. 


We become part of your Management Team, and ensure consistency. We bring almost 25 years experience to this role, and we are a very credible "bridge" for new candidates to voice their progress, and be honest about how they feel, and what they need to achieve. We work as a trio: Targets are agreed between us and you, and we help the new starters to understand what that looks like and how they can make progress toward achieving those goals...

2: Candidate Attraction Day:

£500 per Day - (PAYG)

We come into your business, and we develop a complete understanding of your requirements to allow us to create appropriate job specs, and advertising which we will then post and run on your behalf. We then go away and complete a FULL search and shortlist of suitable candidates who we approach on your behalf. The responses come directly to you and you can keep all the candidates you get... This is great if you only ever recruit from inbound applications - because this generates passive jobseeking applicants who you may not be connected with on Social Media, or were not actively applying for jobs through the sites / media you advertise on... MASSIVE VALUE - £20K Basic Salary makes this a 2.5% FEE!!!

3: Talent Mapping:

Fixed Price (depending upon the size of the company)


We work together to identify all the people involved within your business, and we identify all of their skills / experience. We map all this out, and identify areas for opportunity / growth. This can then form the basis for a recruitment model for the coming years, and ensures your company is in charge of the growth strategy. This process would not always result in requiring new staff - it could be used to multi-skill, and diversify the day-to-day roles of your existing team. We produce up-to-date Job descriptions for each of your roles, which can help with performance reviews and training plans.


4: Retained Recruitment Partner: Executive Search & Placement

20% of First Years’ Salary

We become your recruitment partner for the specific role you are looking to fill. We take the time to work together to source the absolute perfect candidate for you. Because of the increased attention to detail, and value we provide here, we invoice 50% of the projected fee upon instruction, and the balance upon appointment. We are not in competition with other agencies and we dual brand all our adverts to let people know that you are looking to hire quality people. We use our niche sites to attract the type of candidates we feel would be of interest to you, and we also consider candidates with the right attitude and personality that could be a good fit for the team. We make delicate approaches to suitable candidates working in similar roles - who may be working with your competitors, and we feed back information to you... We are fully focused on what is right for the business - so we work together (for as long as it takes) to support you in making the placement, and we will even review any previous applicants against the new criteria for the role, so we work together to make the right placement... If you are 100% sure you need to recruit - this is the best way to find the best people (And create value)


See what our clients say:

"After just a few minutes with Simon, I had a totally different understanding of how to achieve what I want out of my business, and the steps I need to take to get there."
Jamie Harper, Harper Audio Visual Media

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