Recruitment is a Very Personal Thing

Finding the right fit for your business is vital, but so is ensuring that you receive excellent value for money, and return on your investment....

 Recruit, Train, Motivate, Retain

We have 4 ways we can work together:

1: In-House:

£1200 per month - Based on 12 Months (ongoing)

Working within your business one day per week - essentially managing your ongoing recruitment and training requirements. Ongoing advertising and support for the business in terms of on-boarding and Sales Management Reporting. We estimate that over half of the people who are currently “looking” for a new job are “visible” so it’s important that we advertise that you as a company are expanding, and your customers and competitors know it…


2: Outsourced Placement:

£600 per month - Based on 3 Months

Working with your business to plan the type of person and skills you need to bring into your business. Run the entire Recruitment process from start to finish. Provide you with a full report of all applications and suitability. Organise a Shortlist of suitable candidates to discuss. Arrange Interviews and assist with all reference checking. Successfully onboard the new hire, and ensure they are clear on the new role. Set them up to succeed...


3: Candidate Attraction Day:

£400 per Day - (PAYG)

We come into your business, and we develop a complete understanding of your requirements to allow us to create appropriate job specs, and advertising which we will then post and run on your behalf. We then go away and complete a FULL search and shortlist of suitable candidates who we approach on your behalf. The responses come directly to you and you can keep all the candidates you get... MASSIVE VALUE - £20K Basic Salary makes this a 2% FEE!!!


4: Contingency:

15% of First Years’ Salary

We are paid upon appointment of one of our Candidates on a no placement – no fee Basis. This is a traditional recruitment method and one with a no up-front costs. We still carry out all our planning in terms of the person specification, and writing of job specification, and clients still get our full attention at all times. Most often used when being re-active to an urgent vacancy, and multiple agencies are being used – so you only pay the person who provides the person you hire.


We recruit in a very personal way. We work on a 1:1 basis - we take time to find out more about your business than other larger companies, and we speak to members of your team to ensure the right DNA fit for the person you are looking for... We can find the right skills - and we will also test their personality and their ability to be able to integrate into your business.

We will find out what skills you have, and what you would like to have on the team - in preparation for future expansion. We truly believe in VALUE and INTEGRITY.


See what our clients say:

"After just a few minutes with Simon, I had a totally different understanding of how to achieve what I want out of my business, and the steps I need to take to get there."
Jamie Harper, Harper Audio Visual Media

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