Optimising Your Business Potential through Recruitment and Training for Success...


Executive Consultancy working with MD's / CEO's / HR / Executives to build their organisation and their people to scale and develop.

We work with organisations who are proactively seeking to develop the talent they have in their team - we are happy to work with you if you are looking to develop your career - so please give us a call on 01524 805250. Very often - the clients we are working with will want to any candidate we identify as being suitable, who fit in with their talent map for growth.

Recruitment and Training are the core of business development - that where Optimum Performance supports its clients. Working Pro-Actively - we work with organisations to ensure that their people plan is as robust and focused as their business plan. We help to identify the markets to be in, and improve position in, so we help to build a team of top talent who have the right experience and attitude that is needed. We believe in the model:

Recruit - Train - Motivate - Retain.

Our Clients are Pro-Active meaning they don't wait to find out what skills they need and hire Re-actively - they are ahead of the competition.

Investing to identify the VERY best people to be part of your team is an insurance policy for your organisation. An effective talent map makes sure you hire the absolute best people in the industry - not just the best people who are currently looking for a new role. The process of talent mapping allows you to get in front of your competitors and learn from what they are doing. Ultimately we will also reduce the time taken to fill open vacancies, Talent Mapping is part of our recruitment process, and we look to add value at every stage of the process.