Optimising Your Business Recovery - Helping you navigate back on course




There is absolutely no doubt that 2020 has not gone to plan!!!


That business plan you wrote, might as well literally be used to prop up the filing cabinet (For Now!)


The aftermath of Covid19 and the economic changes will create both opportunities and challenges for your business to deal with. It's understood that your people plan, and your people requirements may not actually be the same, and it's an unfortunate part of business that - you may need to become more LEANER!


Middle Management and "Non Fee Earners" are now a luxury - lots of Senior Managers have rolled up their sleeves and gone back to where they started out - dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis. There now lies the requirement for a plan to re-onboard the employees - post Furlough... We work with you from a talent management perspective (with no emotion) to identify and schedule (with financial targets) - The company you run now needs "Hybrid Employees" who can self-manage and be continual learners - There will be no-one to hold their hand! Problem Solving and Solution development are what we need - there have never been a more important time to be "agile" in our workplace - it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, and when we are re-acting to immediate needs - customer service is at the forefront of our minds...


Outsource your Performance Management and Re-onboarding to help reduce costs:


Optimising your business will cover:


  • Employee Suitability for the current market / re-hiring
  • Ongoing Employee Development
  • Multi-skilling - creating Hybrids in the workplace.
  • SWOT / PESTLE Analysis
  • Training / Mentoring
  • Sales Training
  • Sales / Marketing - including all Social Media Channels
  • Relationship Building
  • Team Building
  • Performance Reviews
  • Performance Management

Director Level / CEO Support - Helping you to Navigate and Steer the direction of your team

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"After just a few minutes with Simon, I had a totally different understanding of how to achieve what I want out of my business, and the steps I need to take to get there."
Jamie Harper, Harper Audio Visual Media

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