2020 was such a difficult year for so many people, and priorities may have changed.

Recruitment and careers were already broken before Covid 19 shook everything up. Recruitment has become de-personalised - so we are on a mission to make recruitment and business so much more personal, and more importantly - much more cost effective! 

Everything we do now is about automation (which is great by the way) but we need to be honest with the people we want to work with and help each other to achieve our "Personal AND Professional Goals" if we are to have any chance of being sustainable.

We are seeing people in their late 20's having had over 6 or 7 roles - many of which are for less than one year? How are businesses going to cope with the amount of talent being missed out on, because we are not working together. 

Employees have performance reviews where they say everything is fine - perfect, and then 3 weeks later they hand their notice in because they have "been approached" by someone else to offer them more money and the opportunity to run a team - (when they never aspired or eluded to this with their current employer.

Honesty is the best policy, and we work with you and your business to reduce the overall costs in terms of time and money that you incur as a result of your most important assets - Your People...

We work with you to create a strong employer brand, that people can feel like they are part of, and we create can create a talent map for the type of people YOU want to employ, and we find common ground, and reasons why they should want to join your journey and align their career - with your company... 

If you advertise a job - you cannot control the response, and you end up sifting through applications from people you don't want - wasting time... At any one moment - it's only between 30 - 40% of the recruitment market that's "active" - so more that half will never consider your role, let alone apply.. And more and more candidates are reluctant to send their CV over to an advert for fear of where it could end up, and who see's it...

We help in a number of ways - reach out for a free conversation about how working with Optimum Performance can help future proof your team by making YOUR recruitment and training - personal!

Director Level / CEO Support - Helping you to Navigate and Steer the direction of your team

See what our clients say:

"After just a few minutes with Simon, I had a totally different understanding of how to achieve what I want out of my business, and the steps I need to take to get there."
Jamie Harper, Harper Audio Visual Media

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